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Clubs & Interest Groups

Find Bonsai Tree Clubs & Interest Groups in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia Regardless of whether you’re just getting starting in the Bonsai hobby or you’ve been caring for Bonsai trees for longer than you can remember, joining a club or interest group is by far one of the best ways to further your knowledge and experience. There are […]

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Bonsai Artist Peter Tea

Bоnѕаi Artiѕt Pеtеr Tеа Pеtеr Tеа a Bonsai Artist аnd Inѕtruсtоr, also оf Sаn Jоѕе-lосаl bоnѕаi professional, did thrее уеаrѕ internship аt Aiсhi-еn Bonsai Nurѕеrу in Nagoya, Jараn lеd bу thе аwаrd-winning bonsai master Juniсhirо Tаnаkа. Peter ѕtаrtеd his саrееr in bоnѕаi аt thе Midori Bоnѕаi Club in thе Sоuth Bау and thеn trаinеd with Bооn Manakitivipart bеfоrе his training […]

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1.. Adventitious buds: these are buds that generally bloom on the tree in very unpredictable places. 2. Apex: this is referred as the highest point in the tree normally it’s made up of just one branch but it could also consist of a series of smaller branches. 3. Apical: this is the growth that the plant is producing at the […]

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Fruit Bearing…Yes!

Fruit Bearing Bonsai Trees It’s important to note that bonsai trees aren’t genetically altered or changed to make them smaller. Just as we see fruit trees in local orchards it’s possible that we can take the beauty of these full-size trees and grow them into miniature versions inside. This is exactly what a bonsai tree is. Bonsai trees are made […]

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